Thursday, September 11, 2008

10.9.2008 at Kuala Lumpur Court Complex

Yesterday (10.9.2008) I went to Kuala Lumpur Court at Jalan Duta for a full-trial. I’m assisting my friend Abdul Razak Hussein a.k.a. Pok Jak for his case. However, I don’t want to talk about my full-trial because it did not go on.

What I want to share with the readers is that yesterday was fixed for Mention for Dato’ Seri Anwar Ibrahim’s sodomy case. Even though it was a Mention, the impact is significantly tremendous. I reached Jalan Duta about 9.10 a.m. and there was a massive traffic jam near the Court building. I had no choice but to park at the compound of Masjid Wilayah and had a morning marathon to the courtroom (in fact I was a bit late!).

As I reached the Court Complex, there were lots of people at the Court area. The police took strong precaution by controlling the traffic, get ready with the FRUs and make sure that everybody who wants to enter Mahkamah Sesyen Jenayah 1 to write their names and nRIC No.
I finished my matter around 10.15 a.m. As I said, my case did not go on and new trial date was fixed on early December 2008. Pok Jak, our client and me took an elevator to go down. As we went out from the elevator at the 1 st floor (ground floow/ lobby floor), there were lots of reporters/ supporters along the way out.. most probably they were waiting for DSAI to come down after the Mention. Wow.. I can’t imagine what will happen during DSAI’s full-trial if the impact was like this during Mention.

Nevertheless, as I walked out from the Court building with Pok Jak and our client, I saw two old folks who were very familiar to me.. yeah.. Datuk Aziz Sattar accompanied by the great song writer & musician Kassim Masdor. What are they doing in the Court complex? Maybe Datuk Aziz is also having matter in Court?

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

The Impact Of The Cape Crusader...

Harvey Dent (Two Face)

Yesterday I read a mainstream newspapers and turn the page to the cinema section. The movie of the year, 'The Dark Knight' is still on the show in our very cinema! If I'm not mistaken, The Dark Knight has been 2 months on the show. The impact of this Christopher Nolan's movie brought this movie more than RM500 million collection (I really hope that The Dark Knight can beat 'Titanic')..

I'm always a fan of Batman. From Adam West to Christian Bale, Batman is one of the superhero that been played by various talented actors. In fact I was also known as 'Batman' during secondary school due to my fanaticism towards this Cape Crusader and my hobby of absconding out from the hostel at night.

As I grow older, I realized that the dimension of superhero was changed. Batman is one of USA's propaganda during Cold War with Russia. Now, Cold War has ended and portraying Batman as a hero with a hidden image becomes no longer relevant.

After watching 'The Dark Knight', I realized that this very movies wants to tell us that:-

a) a true hero does not hide behind mask;
b) to become a hero, you must always have to be ready to get estranged;
c) a hero without mask will be remembered for his significant contributions even though he died as a villain (in fact in this movie, the public does not know that he was a villain); and
d) money is not everything. A person can cause a havoc just to share his principles and ideologies with others.

I watched this movie at Cineleisure, The Curve. It was during school holidays and parents brought their little kids to watch this movie. I wonder whether these little watchers could appreciate the output of this movie since this is 'an adult Batman movie'... However, the movie is great and I really salute the actors including the late Heath Ledger for his extremely significant appearance as 'The Joker'!

Batman & Joker

Friday, September 05, 2008


Ultrascan (4 months)- What do you see?

Today is 5th September 2008.. and today, my wife is 6 months pregnant.. and today at 2.30 p.m., she has an appointment with Dr. Nair of Sentosa Medical Centre (her working place) for monthly checkup. However today I cannot accompany her as usual due to inevitable circumstances.. however her colleague will accompany her (in fact she insisted to accompany my wife) to see Dr. Nair.. We do not know yet whether the baby is a boy or a girl.. hopely today he or she will reveal the sign.. hehehe.. I don't mind about the gender anyway.. since I am too excited to become a papa..

Thursday, September 04, 2008


Today, 4th September 2008 is equal to 4th Ramadhan 1429.. it means it has been 4 days Muslims are fasting.. but I wonder whether Muslims nowaday are truly fasting? Is fasting only limited to restraint of eating and drinking? Is it limited between dawn to dusk? What about the productivity? Is Ramadhan a reason for low productivity?

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

The Ultimate Bumblebee

For those who viewed my Friendster, you knew already that I bought the Ultimate Bumblebee of the Transformers.. I actually intended to buy The Optimus Prime, but my bucks in my pocket does not allow it and I don't want to use my credit card for the sake of a toy! Since Bumblebee is fit with my budget and it is big in size (ultimate!), I bought it.. and it's really worth it!

Chevrolet Camarro

In the dark

Post-Transformation- Bumblebee

It's To Reactivate!!!

It's quite too long I have this blog. But I never update it till to date.. it is only after I viewed some of my friends' blogs and I feel that why not I reactivate my blog? Furthermore I love sharing ideas and stories.. So, amigos! Hope you enjoy my blog.. hahahaha..