Saturday, November 08, 2008

Idul Fitri This Year

With my 7 months pregnant wife

Now is already Zulkaedah.. but nothing can stop me from talking about Raya this year.. and this Raya for two consecutive years, I celebrated Idul Fitri at my wife's hometown i.e. Gerik, Perak after considering that we were hardly go back to Gerik.

When I first time celebrated Idul Fitri at Gerik (last year), I was a bit shocked when the people are having rice and curry in the morning before going for Solat Raya.. 26 years I lived in the world of God.. I never touched rice on 1st Shawal (except nasi himpit & ketupat).. As I went to a neighbour's house, I was also been served with rice and curry.. Indeed, it is a new experience for me..

In Melaka (especially in Masjid Tanah), we do not (or rarely) serve rice on the 1st Raya.. normally we will have lemangs, ketupats, rendang, kuah kacang and kuih raya.. If anybody cooks rice and curry, it will not be touched.. only after our throats are started to refuse anymore 'santanic' food, we will look for soups such as sup tulang, soto or laksa.. but I realized that in Perak (Gerik specifically), rice is always the main course.. and for me, If I have a choice, I will choose other than rice.. which I hardly get when I'm in Gerik..

Nevertheless, it shows the variety of our lifestyle, as per a Malay words of wisdom.. different fields will have different grasshoppers.. hahahahaha!!!